Do you want to live in a city where everyone feels welcome, where climate change is addressed locally in order to meet the goals set by the Paris agreement, and with affordable housing for everyone? Do you love Delft for its free spirit and diversity? If you do: vote on the 21st of March for the most progressive party in Delft: GroenLinks.

On the 21st of March, local elections will be held throughout the Netherlands. On that day, everyone who lives in Delft gets to decide what kind of city they want to live in. Most non-Dutch residents are allowed to vote for a new local council.

  • What do we want? 
    -An open and diverse city: Affordable housing for everyone.
    -A healthy future: a green city with well-insulated, energy-efficient homes and clean air.
    -A fair chance for everyone: we believe in a fair distribution of wealth, and we aim to fight poverty and tackle personal debt problems.
    -Excellent education: affordable and accessible education for everyone living in Delft.
    -Read our entire program summary in english here
  • Can I vote? 
    Everyone who has an EU pasport or has been living in The Netherlands legally for over 5 years consecutively has the right to vote for the Delft municipal elections. To vote you only have to be registered as a resident in the city.
  • How can I vote?
    All eligible voters automatically receive a voting slip in Dutch (stempas) at their home address. All you have to do is take this stempas- and your passport or ID card - to a polling station in your neigborhood at the day of the elections. There you can cast your vote. The polling stations open at 7:30 AM, and they close at 9 PM.
  • Contact:
    Tel.: +31 6 41648435 
    Social media: Facebook & Twitter